Dr. Anderson Treats Shoebacca Women’s Open Tennis Tournament

Dr. Ken Anderson was privileged to provide the medical treatment for the players at the 2019 Shoebacca Women’s Open Tennis Tournament at the beautiful Morgan Run Club & Resort. The Open is in its ninth year and is a premier event on the USTA Pro Circuit. Congratulations to singles winner Nicole Gibbs, and doubles winners Hayley Carter and Ena Shibahara!

Prevent Winter Sports Injuries

Thousands of athletes and everyday participants in winter sports are treated for injuries each year. Activities such as ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowmobiling cause common injuries of concussions, fractures, wrist sprains, broken legs, and damaged ACLs/MCLs.


The risk of injuries can be reduced if participants properly prepare for their winter sport/activity by taking the following precautions: