We provide optimal medical care to families, athletes, and professionals to live healthy, happy, and purposeful lives

Family Medicine

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center provides comprehensive healthcare services for individuals and families. Our highly skilled and compassionate physicians are experienced in providing primary care to people with a myriad of health issues from sports injuries to acute or chronic illnesses. We offer integrated care that combines clinical, biological, and behavioral sciences to our patients while focusing on building long-term patient-physician relationships.

Sports Medicine

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center’s sports medicine physicians have completed a Primary Care residency program in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, or Emergency Medicine. All of our sports medicine physicians have also completed fellowship training in sports medicine. Our doctors have experience taking care of athletes of all levels, from the recreational athlete to high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional competitors. We work with professional sports teams and individual pros alike. From the sideline to the clinic, our physicians have devoted enormous time and effort to sharpen their knowledge and skill, offering our patients the very best care available.

Lifewellness Institute

As experts in family, sports, and preventive medicine, Lifewellness Institute provides complete care for the entire family. We understand adolescents and teens, treat athletes young and old, and have solutions to the challenges that often come with aging. With an in-house lab, X-ray, fitness assessments with an Exercise Physiologist, nutrition care with a Registered Dietitian, and DEXA assessments for bone density and body composition, our programs are truly comprehensive. We also believe that healthy bodies include healthy brains, so we partner with the Kaizen Brain Center, True Life Center, and others for this essential care. Lifewellness offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of every member of the family.

Urgent Care

Whether you feel like you may have broken a bone or are dealing with a new cough that simply won’t go away, our urgent care services at the Pacific Beach office location can help with new injuries and illnesses. We provide you with the flexibility of choosing telemedicine or in-person appointments to help you get the care you need.

Weight Management

At SDSM weight and wellness we specialize in helping people improve their health through maintaining weight loss. Dr. Michelle Look is board certified in obesity medicine and a national expert on the treatment of obesity. Our nutritionists, registered dieticians and health coaches have specialized training in weight management to offer you the latest scientifically backed treatment plans. Depending on your health conditions, your customized program may include weekly meetings with a certified weight loss counselor, scientifically formulated meal replacements and FDA approved weight loss medications. Together we will guide you on your weight loss journey using practical sustainable changes that meet your unique lifestyle needs. This is a medically supervised weight loss program. Some services may be covered by your health insurance. We hope to form a relationship with you to improve your weight, metabolic health and wellbeing.

Physical Therapy

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center offers on-site physical therapy at three of our locations. Our facilities have a total of over 12,000 square feet of gym space equipped with state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities. Our San Diego State location has a 25-yard therapy pool. The Sorrento Valley location includes a Pilates studio as well as Occupational and Hand therapy services.

Firefighter Wellness

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center is proud to serve as the medical provider for the San Diego Regional Firefighter Wellness Program. In 2005, SDSM developed a nationally recognized wellness program designed to meet the ongoing healthcare needs of firefighters throughout their entire careers and into retirement. In keeping with the Wellness-Fitness Initiative developed by the International Association of Firefighters, our wellness program takes a deeply investigational and educational approach to wellness and fitness programs aimed at promoting, enhancing, and maintaining the health of the firefighters who deliver service to the citizens of San Diego.

Peak Performance

Whether you’re a sports aficionado or a professional athlete, San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center’s Peak Performance services provide performance and training programs utilizing VO2 max testing, lactate threshold analysis, resting metabolic assessment, and body composition analysis to determine your fitness level and advise you on lifestyle improvements that enhance your performance, health, and general well-being.

Fellowship Program

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center takes pride in selecting talented, exceptional individuals to join the UCSD Sports Medicine fellowship training program. As a training site within the UCSD fellowship program, accredited through the ACGME, SDSM trains eligible physicians who have graduated from residency programs in the disciplines of Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Emergency Medicine.

Pilates Wellness

Pilates is a great way to cross-train or to get fit! It is a system of exercise that will improve your flexibility and strength with an emphasis on balance and body awareness. At SDSM Pilates Wellness, we offer Pilates private instruction as well as small group classes. Discover the benefits of Pilates — a whole body intelligent exercise.