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Consistently, expertly, and compassionately providing optimal medical care to families, athletes of all levels, and professionals to allow them to live healthy, happy, and purposeful lives

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Our Story

In 1980, our founding father, E. Lee Rice, DO, started San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center with the vision to provide a place where individuals could receive quality medical care to help them manage every aspect of their health towards achieving optimum health and fitness.

His philosophy stemmed from the belief that health is much more than merely the absence of disease. Since its inception, the care at San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center has not only been about the treatment of injuries and illnesses, but also about individualized patient education and management on a broad spectrum of lifestyle improvements in order to enhance well-being and quality of life. In short, the goal is not to just make patients “feel” better, but also to help them attain optimal health and wellness.

The idea was to combine a great family practice program with physical therapy, a fitness club, dietary counseling, as well as anxiety and emotional care for optimum health. That philosophy still pervades our center today.

Our Focus

Sports Medicine

Our physicians have tended to several professional athletes and sports teams, local high schools and participated in numerous events throughout San Diego County. Our goal has been to care for athletes’ injuries and help them achieve their individual goals and aspirations.


Our board-certified physicians are advocates in the academic and education sectors. We are clinical instructors at UCSD, Western Osteopathic University, and Stanford Physicians Assistant program, and we’re highly involved with teaching the professionals of the future.

Industrial Medicine

We have become contracted providers for several businesses and entities, including public workers, firefighters, landscapers, executives, and office employees. Services we’ve provided include injury management and preventive programs on a one-time or continual basis.


For over 25 years, we have been providing exceptional healthcare and fitness services for individuals and corporations. After the 4-hour wellness consultation, specific recommendations are given verbally and in a packet form, which specifically maps out the steps needed for our patients to attain optimal health.

Medical Providers


Michelle L. Look, MD, FAAFP, ABOM

Alexandra R. Myers, DO, MSHS, FAOASM

Urgent Care Providers


Ken L. Anderson, DO

img dr Koretoff

Jonathan A. Koretoff, MD


Tess D. Maloney, FNP-C

Eric Wang Thumbnail

Eric Wang, MD

Physical Therapists

img Mackenzie Allen 1

Mackenzie Allen, DPT, ATC

img Nicholas Barin

Nicholas Barin, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert-CMFA

img Iman

Iman Akef Khowailed PT, MPT, MPH