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If you are a new patient coming to our office for the first time or an established patient who was advised to update your information, please complete and submit the forms below.

Completing these forms before you come to the office will decrease the time you spend in our office filling out forms, thereby reducing your overall wait time.

After completing the demographics form, a confirmation window will appear. After accepting the confirmation, a second form will appear for medical history. Click on the following links to complete the forms:

*The Release of Medical Records form is to be used only if you need records transferred from an outside provider to our practice.


You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the files. If it is not installed on your computer, please click the button to download.


We accept the following insurance plans:

We also accept many private PPO plans, self-insured plans, and many workers’ compensation plans.

At our Urgent Care location we also accept Mercy Physican IPA during urgent care hours only

We are primary care physicians (PCP) for Mid County and MultiCultural IPAs

Individual insurance carriers, HMOs, and PPOs vary widely in covered benefits and providers with whom they contract. Please contact your insurance carrier directly if you have any specific questions regarding your policy.

Patient Education

SDSM has compiled a collection of educational materials that are available for download.


San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

To help people with disabilities effectively communicate with us, San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center provides the following free aids and services:


If you need these services, contact San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center’s office manager at (619) 229-3909.

If you believe that San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center has failed to provide these services or discriminated in another way on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, you can file a grievance addressed to:

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center

Attn: Office Manager
6699 Alvarado Road, Suite 2100
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 229-3909 phone
(619) 582-1497 fax

If you need help in filing a grievance, the office manager is available to help you.

You can also file a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically through the Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal, or by mail or phone at:

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

200 Independence Avenue, SW Room 509F, HHH Building
Washington, D.C. 20201
1-800-368-1019, 800-537-7697 (TDD)

Complaint forms are available for download here.

Language Assistance Services


ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística.Llame al 1-877-696-6775.


注意:如果您使用繁體中文,您可以免費獲得語言援助服務。請致電 1-877-696-6775


CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn. Gọi số 1-877-696-6775.


PAUNAWA: Kung ikaw ay nagsasalita ng Tagalog, maaari kang humingi ng tulong sa iyong wika nang walang bayad. Tumawag sa 1-877-696-6775.


주의: 한국어를 사용하시는 경우, 언어 지원 서비스를 무료로 이용하실 수 있습니다. 1-877-696-6775 번으로 전화해 주십시오.


ՈՒՇԱԴՐՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ՝ Եթե խոսում եք հայերեն, ապա ձեզ անվճար կարող են տրամադրվել լեզվական աջակցության ծառայություններ: Զանգահարեք 1-877-696-6775

Persian (Farsi)

طفا توجه داشته باشید، اگر فارسی صحبت می کنید، خدمات ترجمه رایگان در دسترس است. لطفا تماس بگیرید: 6775-696-877-1


ВНИМАНИЕ: Если вы говорите на русском языке, то вам доступны бесплатные услуги перевода. Звоните 1-877-696-6775.


注意事項:日本語を話される場合、無料の言語支援をご利用いただけます。 1-877-696-6775まで、お電話にてご連絡ください。


ملحوظة: إذا كنت تتحدث اذكر اللغة، فإن خدمات المساعدة اللغوية تتوافر لك بالمجان. اتصل برقم 1-877-696-6775


ਧਿਆਨ ਦਿਓ: ਜੇ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਬੋਲਦੇ ਹੋ, ਤਾਂ ਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਵਿੱਚ ਸਹਾਇਤਾ ਸੇਵਾ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਲਈ ਮੁਫਤ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ। 1-877-696-6775


ប្រយ័ត្ន៖ បើសិនជាអ្នកនិយាយ ភាសាខ្មែរ, សេវាជំនួយផ្នែកភាសា ដោយមិនគិតឈ្នួល គឺអាចមានសំរាប់បំរើអ្នក។ ចូរ ទូរស័ព្ទ 1-877-696-6775


LUS CEEV: Yog tias koj hais lus Hmoob, cov kev pab txog lus, muaj kev pab dawb rau koj. Hu rau 1-877-696-6775.


ध्यान दें: यदि आप हिंदी बोलते हैं तो आपके लिए मुफ्त में भाषा सहायता सेवाएं उपलब्ध हैं। 1-877-696-6775


หากคุณพูดภาษาไทย คุณสามารถใช้บริการช่วยเหลือทางภาษาได้ฟรี โทร 1-877-696-6775

How to – Video Visits for Patients

Read our step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your first video visit.

MyChart Patient Portal

Connect with SDSM through our secure portal to manage your appointments, access test results, and get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home.