Pilates Wellness

Transform your mind and body from the inside out


Pilates Fitness

Pilates is a great way to cross-train or get fit! It is a system of exercise that improves your flexibility and strength with emphasis on balance and body awareness. At SDSM Pilates Wellness, we offer private Pilates instruction as well as small group classes. Discover the benefits of Pilates — a whole body intelligent exercise.

Pilates Physical Therapy

We have licensed physical therapists who are not only manual therapy specialists, but also Pilates instructors. Many of our clients find this beneficial, as Pilates itself is inherently therapeutic and rehabilitative, they can easily make the transition from physical therapy to a Pilates fitness routine.

Rehab Pilates

Whether you have completed your Pilates physical therapy or are not quite ready for a fitness class, our Rehab Pilates classes offer a safe and effective venue to strengthen and build yourself up so you can return to normal exercise. Class size is small with details on modifications and education that allow you to succeed in your exercise progression.

Pilates for Back Care (Levels 1 and 2)

Pilates performed with the proper form and sequence can be good for your back, but not all the exercises are good for varying back issues. That is why we created Pilates for Back Care Levels 1 and 2, a Pilates and rehab-based class that fuses specific exercises from physical therapy, movement therapy, and Pilates in a step-by-step program to build up your core and stabilize your spine and pelvis, complete with an educational component to take care of your back. We will teach you how to identify your imbalances and provide you with exercise tools to get your back on track.

We also offer Pilates classes for special populations, such as patients with osteoporosis and Pre- and Post-natal classes.


San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center offers three types of Pilates classes:

Private Instruction

We encourage beginners to do at least 2–3 private sessions before deciding whether to continue with private instruction or move on to a duet/trio or group class. Beginners are often surprised at the focus required to coordinate breathing, pelvic floor control, and body alignment. Private sessions are also recommended for those with any orthopedic limitations. Private sessions with one of our physical therapists are also available. Private sessions are by appointment only.


Duet sessions are with 2 clients and 1 instructor. Trio sessions are with 3 clients and 1 instructor. Join with a friend or two, or we can match you with other clients looking for a duet or trio. The personal attention you will receive is higher than what you would get in a group class, but you will still get the benefit of working out with a friend, and greater cost savings compared with private sessions. Duet/Trio sessions are by appointment only.

Group Classes

This is a Pilates class with 3 to 5 participants and requires you to reserve your spot in advance, either online or by phone. We offer the following group classes: intermediate/advanced Pilates, advanced Pilates, Therapeutic Pilates, and Back Care Pilates Levels 1 and 2.

Class Schedule

8:30 am Fitness
11:00 am Back Care
12:00 pm Fitness
04:00 pm Back Care
3:00 pm Back Car
4:00 pm Fitness
4:30 pm Fitness
8:30 am Fitness
11:00 am Back Care
12:00 pm Rehab Pilates
04:00 pm Back Care
4:30 pm Back Care
8:00 am Fitness
10:00 am Back Care
9:00 am Fitness

SDSM Pilates Fee Schedule

Type of session
Private (55 min.) $90
10 Sessions $85 $850
20 Sessions $80 $1600
Private session with Pilates Director or Physical Therapist $100
Package for Pilates with Physical Therapist or Pilates Director
10 Sessions $950
20 Sessions $1800
New Client Special: 5 Classes & 5 Privates $600 (Savings of $100)
Fee Per Person
Individual $60
10 Sessions $55 $550
20 Sessions $50 $1000
Fee Per Person
Individual $45
10 Sessions $400
20 Sessions $700

Special for New Clients!

5 private Pilates sessions and 5 group classes for $475! (You save $100!)

**Duets/Trios and Group Classes are best for physically fit/capable clients. Private sessions are recommended prior to joining a duet/trio or group class setting. Clients must be free from injury and approved by an instructor to participate in a duet/trio or class.