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Expert knowledge and
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Whether you’re a sports aficionado or a professional athlete, San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center’s Peak Performance services provide performance and training programs utilizing VO2 max testing, lactate threshold analysis, resting metabolic assessment, and body composition analysis to determine your fitness level and advise you on lifestyle improvements to enhance your performance, health, and general well-being.

Performance Testing Services

Our Board-Certified Sports Medicine Physicians are with you every step of the way

VO2 Max Test (Treadmill or Your Own Bike) – $165

This will give you your definitive training zones, peak heart rate, aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold, and peak VO2. ALL clients over the age of 45 or those that have cardiovascular risk factors are required by ACSM to have a concurrent EKG. Please schedule the VO2 max test with EKG as an add-on.

Resting Metabolic Rate – $65

This tells you precisely how many calories your body actually burns and calculates how many calories you should eat to lose or maintain your weight. In order to achieve accurate test results, you should avoid:

  1. Eating 10–12 hours prior to the test.
  2. Strenuous exercise 24 hours prior to the test.
  3. Stimulants such as caffeine on the day of the test.

Body Composition (Add-On Only) – $30

Body fat percentage is calculated using skinfold calipers, which is the most accurate field measure. Your lean muscle mass and fat mass will be calculated based on these values.

EKG Stress Test (Treadmill or Your Own Bike) – $225

This test examines the cardiovascular (i.e., the heart and blood vessels) system’s response to exercise. It will also screen for any cardiovascular abnormalities.

Sports Nutrition Consultation

What you eat will affect your performance. An eating strategy can support your training, performance, and overall health. The consultation will be with a Certified Sports Dietitian.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Eliminate the glitches in your posture or pedal stroke by assessing your biomechanical imbalances. Please call for an appointment.