How to Sign Up for MyChart

Sign Up For My Chart

It’s more important than ever to sign up for MyChart. MyChart will keep you informed of COVID-19 vaccine availability and appointment alerts. Through MyChart you can communicate with providers, request refills, referrals, and appointments. It’s easy to view lab results, get the details on instructions for your care, and view and pay bills.
Follow these steps to ensure you have MyChart:

#1 Confirm Your MyChart Account

If you are unsure if you are signed up for MyChart, please check using this link to sign in. If it appears you still need a MyChart account, email us at so we can send you an access code. More details on signing up are below.

#2 Sign up for MyChart:
Option 1
Go to
Register with your access code which you may already have in your email or as a text.
If you do not have an access code, please EMAIL US at to request one. Do not call the Customer Support number on the sign up webpage.

Option 2: Sign up without an activation code
This option requires you enter your information exactly as it is recorded in your medical record.
Go to
If you have problems, EMAIL US at

Please take a few moments to sign up today!

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