Fire Wellness

San Diego Sports Medicine & Family Health Center is proud to serve as the provider for the Fire Departments in the San Diego region. Our goal for San Diego’s Fire Departments is to create a permanent Health and Wellness Center that will meet the ongoing healthcare needs of firefighters in the years to come. We have developed a positive and educational approach to wellness and fitness programs that will promote, enhance, and maintain the health of the firefighters who deliver service to the citizens of San Diego.

From our first introduction to the 2004 I.A.F.F.’s Wellness Fitness Initiative to the present, we have dedicated ourselves to the development of a first-class wellness program for the benefit of all San Diego regional firefighters. In cooperation with the leadership of related third parties, we have created a program that now enjoys the reputation as one of the “elite” Wellness Fitness Initiative programs in North America.

Our Health and Wellness Center provides:

  • ABI Screening - In addition to the new carotid ultrasounds that we have implemented, we have also added an ankle-brachial index (ABI) screening in clinic for any individual over 40. The ABI is a screening tool for peripheral artery disease (PAD) and can help determine those with widespread atherosclerosis. Individuals with PAD are at greater risk for heart attack, stroke, poor circulation, and leg pain.
  • Treadmill - We have added to our inventory of hiking and running videos to give you more places to explore during the exam. The videos hopefully serve as a greater motivator and better distraction than our old standard white wall. In addition, you may play music of your choice during the test as long as the volume is appropriate to where we can still ask about symptoms, fatigue, etc.
  • Strength Room - We have implemented a Y-balance test to help address functional movement limitations. We have always addressed asymmetries and weaknesses in the strength room, and now the Y-balance test will allow us to see how those restrictions affect your overall movement. Your score on the test will not only show your lower body risk of injury, but also correlate to your potential risk of low back injury.
  • Nutrition Room - In addition to reviewing your blood lipid profile, we’ll administer a quiz to test your nutritional knowledge. The questions are geared toward common trends, myths, and questions that we have received over the years.
  • Education - Station-specific training and education will always be available. Station visits can be scheduled with any of the wellness staffers for any specific education your station would like to go over. This can include nutrition, interval training workouts, yoga, or how to properly use the TRXs.