December 11 Newsletter: Is It a Cold, the Flu, Allergies or COVID, Holiday Toy Drive, OTC Sleep Aids, and Holiday Hours

Is It a Cold, the Flu, Allergies or COVID? What Should You Do If You Get Symptoms?
By Dr. Jeff Anthony

Each of the above conditions can present with similar symptoms: congestion, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, headache, and fatigue. So how do you know what you have? Let’s highlight some of
the differences.

November 24, 2020 Newsletter: Encouraging news, COVID Risk Calculator, and Holiday Hours

Encouraging News from Dr. Parker

I write to you with encouraging news regarding new developments in the search for an effective vaccine against COVID-19. As you may have read in our latest biweekly newsletter, Pfizer announced their new vaccine demonstrates 95% effectiveness in the prevention of COVID and they are applying this week for emergency use authorization (EUA) to the FDA. A competitor, Moderna, announced almost identical findings for their vaccine and is also ready to apply for an EUA. Finally, this week a third company, AstraZeneca, announced results of trials on their vaccine that uses DNA rather than RNA technology, indicating up to 90% efficacy with one of the dosing regimens studied.